Unaffiliated Rules.

Entry- one test-£26.00. Two tests (same combination)- £44.00. Late entries £1.50 extra per test. Entries close 9 days prior to the competition. Late entries to 12.00 three days prior to competition; times will be sent out by e-mail.



The owners of Hunters Equestrian reserve the right to alter any classes and refuse entry. The organisers reserve the right to cancel part or all of the competition. The organisers accept no responsibility or liability for loss, damage or injury at any competition. It is a condition of entry that each entrant shall agree to indemnify the organisers against any legal action arising from such an incident. Horses must be 4 years of age or older. Appropriate dress and hard hats to current BS standard must be worn whilst riding. Riders must be in control of their horses at all times. No refunds after close of entry. 50% refund if withdrawal is before close of entries. No feeding of hay outside horseboxes and trailers. Do not drop plaiting bands, cigarette butts etc. Horses not to be left tied outside boxes. NO DOGS. Entry constitutes agreement of these rules